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Marina Aquatics Booster Club

Our Vision and Mission…


To support and promote Marina High School’s Aquatic programs and its
participants with the objective of personal student growth and development
in a positive team and community environment.

  1. Provide volunteers that will help with the Marina Aquatic programs.
  2. To provide equal opportunity for all student athletes that participate in aquatic sports.
  3. Generate revenue through fundraisers and parent donations that will support the vision of the program.
  4. Educate parents and the community regarding the importance of aquatics on the emotional and physical development of the student athlete.
  5. To support the coaches and players in academic achievement, good sportsmanship, ethical behavior and high standards in all academic sports.


All Marina Aquatics parents/guardians with current applications are eligible and encouraged to participate and attend booster activities. Active membership shall be limited to those parents/guardians of student athletes who will be on a team during the current school year. Membership year runs twelve (12) months (7/1 – 6/30). Membership is active once the application is completed, signed and submitted. All active members will have the right to vote for board members. The organization shall not discriminate against anyone for membership on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, or sex.


Booster Club Meetings will be held the third week of each month, day to be determined by current board officers. If the meeting falls on a holiday, then the meeting will be held the following week. All active members shall be notified of any scheduled meeting via e-mail and via the website within seven (7) days of the meeting from the President or his/ her designee. Special Board Meetings may be scheduled on an as needed basis with 5 days’ notice from the Secretary via e-mail and via the website.

The booster club meeting in May` shall be the annual election meeting, with at least 30 days posted notice, at which time officers shall be elected. Meetings will be conducted as per Roberts Rules of Order, with a 51% vote required to pass any motions.


Booster Club Bylaws


Board Minutes 2017 /2018


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